Terrorist/Merc first texture pass

First texture pass done, on to refinements.


WIP: Terrorist/Mercenary update

Hi-poly version is done and baked on to the in-game model (what you’re seeing now), textures are in progress.

Work in Progress: Terrorist/Mercenary character

One of a few bad guy characters I’m working on for a project, he still has some work to go before he’ll be ready for texturing, but he isn’t far. Also, don’t worry, his hair won’t be staying flesh colored.

Game level pieces, high poly version

High poly version of some of the parts to the corridor I began working on a while back. These models will be baked on to low poly versions. In the scene; Wall segments, floor segments, ceiling segments, crawl space access door, various equipment.

Game level pieces.

Shot of a corridor, these are several parts of a modular level system I’m working on. The parts you see are two corridor straights, an intersection, and an elevator shaft (the ladder is in the back of the shaft, the elevator is not present). There are many other parts to the system still in progress.

Temple of Time [Updated]

Updated version, with depth, a few more lights, and more ground level detail

The Temple of Time Ruins

There is still some work to be done, but it isn’t far from finished.

Something 2D for a change.

Fantasy character, painted in Photoshop.

Work in Progress, The Mach V

If you don’t want to drive it, you’re lying. Going to be part of a modeling challenge, not very far yet, but you can tell what it is already.


A submarine I’m working on to use in a short animation.